Different Hand made Angel Craft Designs

Paper angel is one of the easiest DIY crafts that moms can teach to her children. Doing paper craft is very fun, easy to do and cheap hobby for crafty individuals. I collected different paper craft designs from the web and compiled all the most amazing and creative designs.

I got this from MommyYah, a crafty blogger mom who regularly shares all her discoveries about her crafting hobby. This paper angel craft is an easy to do, hand made angel made of cartolina and colored paper.

Angel Heart by FunRoom- this hand made angel is made of paper plate very simple and also a great idea to recycle used paper plate. 

This 7 inches tall paper angel by TeamKnK is a 7 inches tall and cut  using KNK Studio software.

These cute little angles are made of doily paper by FunEzCrafts

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