Diy Recycling News Papers to Hand Bag

<img src="paper bag.gif" alt=" procedure in making bag out of news paper"/>

It's been a while since i wrote my last article about handicraft.
All ideas are all over the internet that's why I spent days for experimentation on different weaving procedures. I discovered this weaving style after several trial and error. I just don't know if this procedure is already uploaded or already known on the internet, bear with me if it is. This is how to recycle news papers and make it a beautiful hand bag. I called this weaving procedure "twisted paper" obviously because of the twisting of news paper pages before weaving it. It's another DIY craft tutorial best for school project in elementary and high school and it's called a woven twisted paper bag
My first attempt was a failure because my weave was too loose like what you 'll notice in the picture below:
This one needs constant pulling of the twisted page of the news paper. I considered this as "reject" but I chose to upload it to give you precautions to never make it too loose by constant pulling or making the twist and the weave very tight. I made this one with the help of my niece elaine who's so inspired and interested in handicraft like me.
Procedure is very simple, simply twist the news paper page like this:
twiating news paper procedure
In this project, I divided the news paper page into four then twisted them like these on the picture.

weaving news paper procedure
I started weaving from the bottom, it is the classic weaving style like what you see in the picture.

news paper weaving procedure
Then I weaved the side using the twisted paper procedure.

diy recycling news paper to hand bag
This procedure is easy when you get used to it. It's a couple of twisted page, you're gonna twist them together keeping one twisted page inside,then twist it again to run with the rest  until you finished the body of your bag.

diy recycling news paper to hand bag
Don't cut the excess because from there you'll make a handle by twisting two of it. Use glue to connect. You have to weave the excess papers downward to prevent from ripping.

diy recycling news paper to hand bag
Cover the handle with of course, twisted page of a news paper.Do this procedure on both handles.After making the handles,glue the edges before cutting the excess tips of the news paper.

diy recycling news paper to hand bag
Our finished product.
If you intend to sell your product, you must varnish it to make it beautiful and attractive to buyers. You can also add accessories to your bag like beads or colorful crystals or stones.

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DIY Tote Bag from Used Old Clothes

used clothes recycled to shopping bag

Today's generation, when plastics are strictly prohibited in department stores, learning how to make your own shopping bag or tote bag is a perfect timing. This kind of tote bag is best designed for shopping and this is another helpful tip for elementary and high school students for their school projects . You can fold it, and insert it in your hand-bag so whenever or wherever you think you need to shop, you don't have to buy a shopping bag or a paper bag because you can carry this bag anytime, anywhere. You don't have to buy a new cloth for this project, since my blog's theme is How to Recycle Wastes to Handicraft, the materials we are going to use are all recycled or already used.

diy recycling used clothes to shopping bag
These are the materials I used with this project, The blue printed cloth which was my favorite skirt and the red plain remnants of cloth for lining which was also a lining of my old skirt..

diy recycling used clothes to shopping bag

This is the hip part of my old pants years ago.

diy recycling used clothes to shopping bag

We're going to attach them together. You have to cut the connect point of the skirt the same curve of the pants so it will fit properly. Sew to attach them together.

diy recycling used clothes to shopping bag
I made these straps for the handle. We're just going to attach them to our bag like this...

diy recycling used clothes to shopping bag
Our finished product

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DIY Make a Mini Reversible Tote Bag using remnants of cloth and used old clothing

<img src="reversible.gif" alt=" procedure in making reversible tote bag out of retaso" />
This is the reversible mini tote bag  project that I'm going to teach you this time, a simple DIY craft to be added to your hobbies. You see, I used blue and orange printed remnants of cloth. This product is best as present, token, souvenir or school project for elementary and high school students. The procedure on how to make your own mini reversible tote bag is very easy, all we need are:

diy bag
Colorful remnants of cloth

A piece of long cloth for our ribbon chord. Provide another color of cloth for the strap or handle.

Stitch or sew both sides of our square-cut cloth like what you see on the picture.

Reverse one of our square cut cloth...

...and make this one opposite.

Insert  the reversed cloth into the other cloth like this

Make sure that you left a hole on both sides of one of the squares. This is where we will insert the ribbon chord.

Now, sew or stitch the mouth of our mini bag like this. You have to fold them both inside when stitching, this is to prevent ripping.

If you see the thread lines, I did 3 lines: top, middle and bottom. Between the middle and the bottom is where our ribbon chord  will  be placed.

Insert the chord for the ribbon.

This is how will it look like.

Add handles. This is the front of our bag. I

If you reverse it, this is how will it look like....

Now, we're done with the reversible mini tote bag. It's so easy, you can do it by manual stitching or by sewing.

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DIY swim suit out of remnants

This is what we really need during summer, a pair of swimsuit. a small piece of cloth to cover some parts of of our body which makes us comfortable when we go on a swimming. Posing on a camera wearing your swimsuit is always exciting, but wearing the same swimsuit in every swimming event is something you shouldn't do. Swimsuit cost a bit expensive, so why spend too much money buying many pairs when you can make your own?
Today, I will show you simple steps on "how to make your own swimsuit", it's a DIY procedure which is so easy to do.

These floral remnants of cloth are for the front of our top and the reds are for the lining. I cut those pieces of cloth to triangles to cover the top part of the body.

I cut a 2 inch wide of red cloth. I will attach it to the triangles on the armpit side.

I did the same procedure with the other triangle.

this is the back image of our top

Now I cut a 2 inch wide and 28 inches long red cloth. This is for the upper part of the triangles. It should be long enough to make a ribbon.

Make a mark on the middle of the cloth before sewing, this is to make an equal length for the ribbon.

Again, cut the same size of  a long red cloth for the lower part of our triangles. The length should be enough to make a ribbon at the back.

 Attach  it by sewing.

<img src="swim suit.gif" alt=" procedure in making swim suit out of recycled cloth" />
Now we're done with the top.

Now let's proceed with the bikini procedure.

This is the front view of our bikini. The lower back is a little bit narrow to make a perfect curve.

This is  the back of the bikini. It's a little bit wider to cover the butt part. Like what we did on the top procedure, we should duplicate these cuts to make a lining.

Attach them together.

Cut a 2 inch wide red cloth. The length should be enough to cover the sides of the bikini.

This is the results of steps 1-4

Repeat the procedure 4 to cover the upper front and upper back edges, this time, you have to cut a longer piece enough to make a ribbon on both sides.

Our finished product.

By learning this procedure, you can have many swimsuits, as many as you want. Now, you don't need to re-use those old pairs so can always post new styles on your Facebook profile. The best thing about learning these steps is that you can make swimsuits and sell them to make an extra income. This is what I always want for my readers to benefit from my blogs: save money, minimize wastes and make an extra income from the garbage. Good luck fellas!

Buy Swimsuit at Amazon

How to Make Pot Holders (kitchen rags) from old recycled clothes

If your problem is a bulk of remnants of cloth in your drawer and you can do nothing with them than stock them and let occupy o lot of space in your home, then this project could be a solution to your problem, the DIY craft procedure on How to Make Pot Holders. Our kitchen is where moms are most of the time. As I always say "my favorite hang-out". Did you ever experience running out of pot holder in your kitchen? Pot holder seems to be nothing, but it plays a very important role in our kitchen when doing our kitchen protects our hands from heat and dirt. Pot holder is our hands' best-friend!
Now I want to show you how to make a pot holder or kitchen rags using used old clothes and remnants of cloth. This one is another way to recycle waste materials like used old clothing or remnants of cloth.
These are the materials I used with this project:

used clothing, cut into squares

remnants of cloth

The procedure in making pot holders is very simple when you know how to stitch.

Step 1: You see our remnants of cloth above (white) I laid over the three layers and sew it, I attached the two parts of the printed cloth together and sew it to form a square. This will be the top of our pot holder.

Step 2: Cut a 2 inch thick cloth, the length should be equal to the size of our square-cut used cloth.This will serve as our edging.

Step 3: Sew the 2 inch, long cloth to our square-cut used cloth like this.

Step 4: This is the back of our pot holder. We have to fold the edges to prevent it from ripping.

Step 6: Sew the edges of our pot holder.

This is the result following the procedures 1-6

And this is the back of our pot holder

Step 7: Now let's put a holder so we can hang our pot holder.

Step 8: Sew it again in "X" directions.

<img src="pot holder.gif" alt=" procedure in making pot holder out of remnants" />
This is our finished product.

This project can benefit plain house-wives by minimizing the wastes and a bulk of remnants and by saving money buying rugs. It can also benefit house wives seeking business idea to earn an extra income by making pot-holders and selling them to the market.I hope I made this tutorial on how to make a pot holder clear and helpful because I really want to share and help moms like me to simply manage wastes properly and make a living out of the garbage.

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