DIY Recycled Lunch Bag out of recycled old clothes

diy used clothes recycled to lunch bag 
Lunch bag is very useful to our kids in school. Lunch bag should be light weight so it's easy to carry  for our small kids, it should also can stand alone to prevent the foods and drinks to mess inside. A lunch bag is far different to lunch box when it comes to convenience and food safety. As for my kids, especially my girl, they prefer to bring lunch bag than bag because they could hang it on their shoulders and it is so convenient to bring anywhere, anytime. I collected some facts why using a lunch bag is much more convenient than using a classic lunch box:

   Lunch Bag                                                Lunch Box
. easy to carry                                                                  .  noisy box
. light weight                                                                     . childish like
. tightly closed                                                                  . opens accidentally
. unbreakable                                                                   . easily breaks
. fashionable                                                                     . a lunch box looks like attache case

These maybe are the reasons why my 4 year old, fashionable daughter doesn't want to carry her lunchbox in school. I'm so glad to learn the steps in making a lunch bag for my kids. It's comfortable to carry especially  for my daughter who only needs to bring meal alone in school because all of her things are always being left inside the classroom. I understand her why she always wants a lunch bag which is like just a normal  but fashionable bag.

I've found making a lunch bag so fun and easy, well of course, everything that I do for my kids is always fun form me. Before proceeding the procedures, you have to prepare all the materials needed to make a bag. In lunch bag tutorial, I used a recycled cloth which is my old used skirt. I prepared these materials with measurement below for the lunch bag pattern.
  • strap - 2x 30 inches cloth
  • ribbon cord - 1 1/2 x 30 inches cloth
  • Body (front and back) - 2 pcs. 8x10 inches cloth
  • Body (sides) - 2 pcs. 5x10 inches cloth
  • pocket - 8x7 inches cloth
  • bottom - 8x7 inches cloth
  • for designs - different colors of threads
  • garter
  • stick for inverting the strap and ribbon cord
  • sewing machine or stitching kit
  • tape measure
  • scissor
  • marker for drawing designs
lunch bag diy procedure
  • Connect all parts: the front, back, sides and bottom of the bag. Don't forget to attach the pocket when sewing the front part. a garter should already inserted when sewing the pocket to the body.
  • Attach the body  to the bottom. You can make an inside lining if you want. Just choose a cloth best for it like gina or satin fabrics. The measurement for the lining should be exactly the same as the body of the bag.
  •  Fold the mouth of the bag  at 1/2 inch then sew. 
  • Prepare the ribbon cord. Simply fold and stitch both ends to the middle. Leave at least one inch for inversion. Revert the cord using a stick and insert in to the folder mouth of the bag.
  •  Prepare the star by folding and stitching. Revert using a stick and attach it on both sides sides of the bag's mouth. 
  • For the embroidered design, I used back stitching stroke for the heart and the letters. You can use other strokes you want, I just did the simplest. Choose colorful yarns or threads. On this project, i embroidered my daughter's name "Clavern" to make it personalized.

Recycling ideas for egg shells

The main ingredient in eggshells is calcium carbonate (the same brittle white stuff that chalk, limestone, cave stalactites, sea shells, coral, and pearls are made of). The shell itself is about 95% CaCO3 (which is also the main ingredient in sea shells). The remaining 5%includes calcium phosphate and magnesium carbonate and soluble and insoluble proteins(source: 
 Egg shells are common kitchen waste materials we usually throw in our garbage.It's about time that we learn how to recycle this thing in order to minimize our everyday wastes. We should know that egg shells can be useful in so many ways.

After watching my favorite informative show in QTV channel 11 which is Good news with Vicky Morales, I learned that there are so many uses of egg shells. It actually can help us in our everyday house hold chores, except for that fact that egg shell is a very useful material in school arts.I've learned some procedures on how to recycle egg shells into a useful product. I will enumerate some of the things as I remember from watching the show.

Uses of Egg Shells:
  • Egg shell as sink strainer- we all have sink strainers but despite of having one, we couldn't prevent our sink it from clogging due to some waste residue from our dishes. We can make egg shells as strainer when broke into smaller pieces. All sticky residue will then mix to the shells, it will also serve as a dirt magnet when passed thru the sink's tube. Egg shell won't clog the sink passage for it dissolves in time.
  • Egg shell as bitter taste remover- try it with strong coffee mix as example. When fine pieces of egg shell are mixed with the coffee, the bitter taste will be removed.
  • Vinegar Enhancer- simply add fine egg shells to the vinegar and leave for 2-3 weeks or until the shell dissolves. The minerals that egg shell has will mix to the vinegar so you would have a healthy vinegar.
  • Egg shell as art material-Paste fine shells to a drawing and enhance it with water color. You can also design a bottle or a jar by pasting fine pieces to it and paint it with different colors.
The above procedures are best help for us to know what's the best egg shell garbage disposal.

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