5 Creative Ways to Recycle Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles or PET bottles are  one of those recyclable wastes. If you care for the environment, you would not dispose wastes like this anywhere you like. Did you know that an average time for plastic bottles to completely degrade is atleast 450 years? Yes! 450 long years and that is equivalent to 5-6 generations. Every year, there are tons of used plastic bottles are about to up the landfills, thanks to our countrymen who find treasure out of these wastes, because of them the continuous increment of plastic wastes is being controlled.

Now, let me show you some brilliant and creative ideas how plastic bottles can be re-used and recycled.
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Pen Holder - it's an easy way to reinvent your used plastic bottles, Create as many sections as you want.
Source: Boredpanda
Hanging Garden - this is ideal for houses with very limited space, hang them on your wall or fence and you can have fresh leafy veggies within your backyard without consuming so much space.

source: Ippinka

Boats made of plastic bottles - this is one of my favorites and still dreaming that one day I could make one similar like this and share it to my countrymen living in flooded area.

source: Inhabitat

Life Jacket made of Plastic Bottles - for only four PET bottles, you can create your own life jacket. This product needs a little knowledge in sewing to make the base.

Christmas tree made of plastic bottles - this is my daughter's project in school, they gathered green plastic bottles. and arrange it to form a pyramid, when designed with glittered balls and flowers, the  the result is amazing!

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