DIY: Quick repair of malfunctioning zipper

It happens sometimes, when you're on a trip and the zipper of your back pack has suddenly malfunction or you have most loved coat, shorts or jeans which has zipper glitch. On the off chance that you experience such circumstances, don't instantly cast your things into scrap, reuse them .

There are two sorts of damaged zipper: repairable and non-repairable.

Non repairable zipper damage has no other solution than bringing them to a sewer to supplant with another zipper. The zipper is non-repairable in the event that it has missing teeth. The other sort of zipper deformity is the particular case that is repairable. At the point when all the  teeth are still in place, the zipper could be repaired effortlessly and rapidly.

The regular reason of a zipper glitch is a direct result of a detached slider. A zipper slider is the zipper head with two sides, sliding to close a zipper. In the event that it gets excessively lose, it won't have the capacity to zip a Zipper. It's extremely easy to repair a loose slider. You simply require a pincers or a pliers to tighten the sides of the slider.

Quick Zipper repair procedure:

  • Get a pliers 
  • Tighten the sides of the slider 
  • Then zip and you're done! 
There's an alternate diy procedure of repairing a malfunctioning zipper. It obliges a touch of sewing yet you can do it by emulating the procedure, please allude to the pictures.

  • First find a used zipper from your old pants, shorts or jacket. 
  • Cut both sides of used zipper 
  • Pull the slider and disjoint from the zipper 
  • Untie the top stitch of the Zipper you wanted to repair( see the images)
  • Insert both sides of zipper to slider as a replacement 
  • Slide down the zipper 
  • At that point restore the untied join of the jeans. 

Amazing craft: Different Bag Designs Made of Drinking Straws

I adore hand-made bags! In my art blog, I generally compose articles about diverse sorts of hand-made bags. This time, I need to impart these exceptionally adorable totes made of drinking straws. 

These excellent crafts are my companion's manifestations. I inquired as to whether I can compose a post about her specialty and she said "yes"! She additionally welcomed me to go to her place so she could show me the entire technique in making bags out of drinking straw. 
<img src="straw 3bag.gif" alt="different designs of bags made of straw " />
Straw Hand-Bag

<img src="straw bag.gif" alt="different designs of bags made of straw " />
Straw Bags
I truly needed to take in the system but I never had enough time to visit her, perhaps in due time. My companion made her own particular exceptional plans of bags. She has hand bags for mothers like me,  gather packs for children and a staple crate all made of drinking straws. 
<img src="straw 2 bag.gif" alt="different designs of bags made of straw " />
straw bags

This specialty is an alternate decent business thought for homemakers, its likewise one great purpose behind us mothers to bond with our children. The technique as per my companion is not difficult to learn, truth be told, she made these straw bags with the assistance of her children. 

I truly wish I could visit my companion so I could take in the methodology and I will clearly transfer the complete steps on my specialty blog at

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