DIY Flower vase made of news paper

I have several posts about making crafts from old news paper and I just want to add one more. This is a simple DIY  flower vase procedure using old news paper.  I’ll make this post clear and simple, coz it's just an additional post.  You can find complete tutorial about twisting and folding a news paper to make a recycled craft like this in my previous posts.
I used a pattern here which is an old boring vase made of glass. Unfortunately,  I wasn't able to use a molder because it couldn't be removed after because of  its  curve.
I think I don't have to upload here the step by step procedure coz I believe that you,  especially my regular visitors already knew how to do it,  but for some who are new to my site,  please feel free to browse the content of my blog.
The flower I used to design the vase is made of folded paper and cut to form a flower and the small button of my old blouse added some impact on it.  This recycled vase is a good idea for school projects with recycling theme. 
This is a rush post since I am using my newly installed Blogger mobile application. So guys,  bear with my errors I am just trying to familiarize myself with this application.

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