DIY foldable eco friendly shopping bag

dig foldable shopping bag
Here at Crafty Mom Ideas, we give attention in making DIY products to help all interested mothers out there to learn how to make basic products we need in our house holds. This post is very special because it concerns our environment and how to protect it.
I'm so glad that authorities in most provinces and cities are now strictly implementing the "no plastic bags" policy in all merchants. It should have done a long time ago, maybe it did not become this worst. We all knew that plastic bags are non biodegradable, it can be very harmful to our environment. It takes 15 years or more before these plastic bags are totally decomposed.The tendency is to accumulate these wastes in our environment. It's very possible that we can create another mountain, a mountain of garbage! I'm inspired to make this article, why? Because this is another helpful DIY project. It's something we should learn to. I know some of you see things like what I do.I hate paper bags! I hate it because it's messy,it's not durable, and most of all it's not comfortable to handle.Eco-friendly bags are good but do I always have to buy it every time I buy groceries? Well, I have a simple solution here, to make DIY Eco shopping bag.This Eco shopping bag is something different. It's durable,reusable, handy and foldable. You can use new fabrics but I suggest,use recycled fabrics to make a double purpose: one is to save money and the other one is to recycle. Recycling is a very good hobby, it can do a lot to save our environment to its speedy destruction.This is why I created this DIY recycling craft blog, I am an advocate, I want to teach and encourage people to be one too.

Things needed to make a foldable shopping bag:

  • 2 pieces 15x20 inches used cloth. You can also quilt assorted used clothes.
  •  2 pieces 5x20 inches cloth for straps
  • 5x30 inches cloth to hold straps 
  • 12 inches zipper 

Procedures :

  • Connect the ends of the three sides of your 15x30 cloth. 
  • Double the stitch to ensure durability. 
  • Fold the straps lengthwise , the edges inside. 
  • Sew both sides.
  • Attach the straps by inserting the ends to the holder. 
  • Position them 5 inches below the mouth of the bag. 
  • Attach the zipper at the face of the bag, please refer to the picture to figure out how it should be attached and 
  • Lastly, fold and sew the mouth of your bag and your done!

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