Amazing crafts out of used old books and magazines

Books, magazines, news papers; I have lots of them in my stock room. Since computers and internet evolved, I forgot to turn the pages of my reading collections. Way back in 90's I used to buy books like romance, inspirational and even encyclopedias, I was a certified book worm. I was also a subscriber of news papers and magazines. But when I learned the convenience of using computer, I decided to stop collecting books and my I just kept my old book in a a box and placed them in a stock room.

While I was cleaning the house, I turned on to those stuff. I remember how valuable they were to me and I can't imagine myself throwing them into trash. Because of this, my crafty mind prevails once again. I already posted articles about recycling papers and magazine at news paper recycling and I think I have to post more to promote awareness about the good effect of recycling.

This time I want to impart different crafts made of used old books. I got these ideas upon browsing the internet and they are all great! There are lots of people who committed themselves in protecting our environment by promoting the good effect of recycling and I am proud to say that I am one of them.

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Book Bag - this bag is made of the thick cover of an old book made by jacketflap. It is simply designed with beautiful beads handle. I adore this recycled bag fro book cover because I know how durable these old covers are and I'm sure I could put my stuffs in it without worrying about its sturdiness. This is a good recycling idea for your kid's school projects and likewise a great way to promote recycling.

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Magazine Waste Bin - I've this amazing magazine craft at It'snice to have one of these in my kitchen because it's beautiful and unique. You just have to put waste bag inside to prevent leak. This can also be a great small stuff's container, you can place your art materials here or your kid's toys and other similar things.

photo by ahomeandfamily
Book vase - I'm so amazed with this very creative craft by ahomeandfamily. The author offers full tutorial in making this beautiful vase out of used old book, just visit the photo link to learn more. I gues this vase could be more pleasing if it will be painted or varnished and also to make it more sturdy but this is such a great recycling idea.

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New Paper wicker Bowl - posted by flickrhivemind, this is indeed a great recycled product out of news paper. You can place fruits here or other stuff like little school materials. This site offers incredible recycled product photos. If you want to learn more about recycling, you can visit the link above.

Amazing crafts out of used tin cans

Tin cans are common food packaging or container for the distribution of preserved goods. These steel containers are just one of those everyday wastes that a house hold ordinarily throw in their trash cans. Tin cans are recyclable infact, it belongs to those money making trash that can be sold for 5pesos/kilogram in the Philippines.

There are two ways to dispose tin cans; sell it to the junk shop or recycle it yourself. From different recycling and craft sites, I collected some ideas on how to recycle tin cans.

photo by greenprophet

This is called a "shining arc of Israel", an amazing arc made of soup cans. I've found this amazing tin can recycling from greenprophet. It says that Israelis made this amazing craft out of soup cans. According to the article, Israel artists love to turn ordinary objects into beautiful arts and it's indeed an incredible craft, a good way to re-use waste materials like tin cans.

photo by: makehandicraft
Turn your tin cans into a mini garden. These cute flower pots are made from soft drinks in can, a very brilliant idea shared to us by You can place these cans on your garden, terraces or you can even hang it to save space.

photo by: lifetussle
I can't believe that a trash could be an amazing toy car like this! This one is a creative way to recycle coca-cola cans posted by Lifetussle. I love the idea of making a toy car out of soft drink cans, the one who created it must be a very good artist to have this brilliant idea. I wish i could make one for my son coz he loves hand-made toys.

photo by eco-artware
Can you imagine your self living in a can house, well I find it so interesting to live here but I am not Architect Richard Van Os Keuls who made this amazing house made of soda cans. posted this article entited "A can-do house: A new twist to Aluminum siding.

photo by junmarketstyle

This is a post from junmarketstyle entitled "Vintage tea tin pendant lights". For me, these could be mini chandeliers. This is another brilliant idea to recycle tin cans, If you want to learn the procedure, just visit the link and you'll find the basic tutorial there.

There are lots of amazing products made of recycled tin cans and these should serve as inspirations to discipline ourselves in waste segregation. Do not just throw and throw cause there may be a good way to re-use those materials which we consider as trash. That's all folks and happy recycling!

Amazing Halloween Craft ideas

Halloween is just around the corner, if you are among those people who prefer self-made halloween decoration rather than spending money to buy new ones, well this post is for you. Moms are wise when it comes to budgeting, Halloween decorations are only important during the last day of October until the 2nd day of November.

Making hand-made Halloween stuff is a great idea to save money and to minimize everyday waste by means of recycling. Recycling is a good way to help protect our environment to speed-up its total destruction. Non-biodegradable waste which can not be recycled are considered as Earth's worst enemy. This is why the governments implement the elimination of using plastic materials and they started with prohibition of using plastic bags in all supermarkets and other shopping stalls.

Since Halloween is fast approaching, I have compiled a collection of had-made Halloween stuff made of recycled materials.

Halloween Candle
Halloween Candle - using colorful papers, you can able to make cute candle lights. Check out these cute halloween candles at to learn the complete procedure.

Candy Pumpkin - this pumpkin is not the usual scary Halloween pumpkin but a yummy looking pumpkin. To make the same design of pumpkin, you need sunkist or chewable candies. Check out to learn more.

Witch Hat- using a black cartolina, you can able to make this simple witch hat. Check out the complete procedure at

Bats -These bats are made of black cartolia. You can stick these scary bats on your wall this Halloween. Learn the procedure in making this halloween bats at

Amazing bag designs made of recycled materials

Beautiful and unique bag designs have the softest spot in my heart. I am obsessed with extra ordinary bad designs particularly those bags made of recycled materials. Bags are our everyday companion in everywhere we go like going to the mall, buying some stuff i the market, meeting and attending gatherings, we always have bags with us.

I collected amazing bag designs which are hand-made and mostly made of recycled materials. Below are my top best unique designs of hand-made bags.

Bags made of drinking straws- One of my most popular posts is the DIY procedure of making these beautiful bags out of drinking straw. These bags are my friend home-based business. She makes these beautiful hand-bags using drinking straws from the canteen near by her place. Bags made of straw are one of the best ideas to minimize waste and a great way to help in  promoting the recycling hobby to moms like us.

Bags made of Beads- This one does not belong to recycled craft but they are all genuine beaded hand-made bags. These amazing bags are my friend's family business. My friend Grace and her children make beaded products during their free time. It started as a hobby and became popular in their area so they expanded, my friend was able to provide a decent job to her neighbors and she's now able to accommodate bulk orders, you can place your orders and inquiries here: 09129166322 and look for Grace :)

Water Lily Bags - This cute woven hand- bag is made of dried water lily stalks. There are people in our community who do the weaving as their primary source of income. They make these unique design of bags and export them to other countries. Aside from bags, these people also make wine bottle cases, sandals, lamp shades and many more. The site has not yet establish their website so for any concerns just use the contact button below.

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Bags made of junk food wrappers -I find these bags so amazing! These bags are made of folded junk food wrappers. I already made a tutorial of junk food wrapper's proper folding here. This beautiful junk food wrapper bags can be seen at

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Bags made of ring-pulls - These bags are made of ring-pulls from cans. It is perfectly hand-made by aluminum can's ring-pulls. The procedure requires a lot of ring-pull s linking to form a beautiful bag designs that looks similarly to crochet bags. 

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