How to Recycle News Paper to Wedding Souvenir

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News Papers are very useful in our everyday life because it keeps us aware wherever we are. After reading the news, there are reasons why we should not throw the news papers because there are many different ways to make these used papers still useful. I have posted one way to recycle a news paper in my previous article in Handicraft and this is How to make a hand bag from news paper.

Wedding occasion shouldn't always be expensive. Paying all the bills, buying everything needed to the reception could be so bloody. But there are ways to cut or minimize the expenses in celebrating wedding occasions like making your own wedding souvenir. Materials in making souvenirs is also expensive but you can make a solution for this by making wedding souvenirs using recycled materials. Now I want to share another DIY craft. another way to recycle an old news paper. This tutorial is best for students in elementary and high school who are seeking ideas for their school projects. This procedure is very easy that even kids can follow the instructions on how to make a little cute basket best for souvenir items as wedding souvenirs.
Materials needed are:
  •  old news paper
  •  glue
  •  scissor
  •  ribbon


For weaving procedure, twist the previous cut news paper like what you see on the picture.

diy recycling news paper to wedding souvenir

  • Cut  the news paper lengthwise about  2 inches wide each.
  •  Fold the news paper 4 times to achieve a half inch width.
  •  Form the folded papers like this and attach the center with glue.
  •  Weave the twisted paper on a circular direction like this.
  •  Make a basket with a height of 2 inches or approximately 5 rounds.
  •  Cut the excess papers except for the two sides because from those, we will form a handle.
  •  Fold and weave the excess paper using a scissor or other flat stick.
  •  This is the result of steps 1-9
  •  Connect the two sides to form a handle by using a glue.
  •  Insert a twisted paper on a side of our handle and glue to lock.
  •  Coil around to cover the handle
  •   Varnish the basket to make it glossy and nice.
  •  Add a ribbon and we're done with our wedding souvenir.

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